Spheres (1993)

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Roadrunner Records (1993)
Hammerheart Records (2017)

CD 1
1. Mind Reflections
2. Multiple Beings
3. The Level Of Perception
4. Aurian Eyes
5. Soul Search
6. Personal Energy
7. Voices From Within
8. Spheres
9. Changing Perspectives
10. Phileas
11. Demise Of Time
12. Mind Reflections (Live)
13. Multiple Beings (Live)
14. Demise Of Time (Remix)
15. Soul Search (Remix)

CD 2
1. Reflections Of The Mind (Demo)
2. Searching The Soul (Demo)
3. Times Demise (Demo)
4. Changing Perspectives (Rehearsal)
5. Level Of Perception (Rehearsal)
6. Multiple Being (Rehearsal)
7. Spheres (Rehearsal)
8. Land Of Tears (Rehearsal)
9. Stigmatized (Rehearsal)
10. Presence Of The Dead (Rehearsal)
11. Prophectic Revelation (Rehearsal)
12. Twisted Truth (Rehearsal)
13. Pat & Pat (Rehearsal)
14. Echoes Of Death (Rehearsal)
15. Secrecies Of Horror (Rehearsal)
16. Testimony (Rehearsal)
17. Omens Of Revelations (Rehearsal)
18. Testimonial Ideas (Rehearsal)

Produced by Steve Fontano and Patrick Mameli.
Engineered by Steve Fontano.
Mixed by Patrick Mühren and Steve Fontano.
Recorded at Studio Arnold Mühren.
Remastered by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Studio, Horst.

Patrick Mameli: guitar, synth guitar, vocals
Patrick Uterwijk: guitar, synth guitar
Jeroen Paul Thesseling: bass
Marco Foddis: drums