Pestilence is looking to find a replacement for our bass player Tilen Hudrap

Posted on Sep 15, 2018 in News

We are looking for a bassplayer of equal (or at least close to) caliber and level playing, meaning: owning own professional gear and absolute knowledge of music, knowledge of music theory and composition, playing with fingers (NO plectrum players, only fingers!!!) and someone who’s willing to give it a serious go. Therefore we need a professional attitude and a professional person/player all around, preferably with experiences of touring. Sometimes you will be away from home for longer periods. So a good and stable personality is a must. Preferably non smoker and definitely no alcohol and drug abusers!!! Only serious players need to apply!

Please contact me with your info and a clip of your playing on Pestilence official facebook page. Only European bassplayers can apply. This is to reduce costs of flights.

Does this sound like you?

Give it a go!!!!

Patrick Mameli