Patrick Mameli Announces New Death Jazz Fusion Project Necromorph!

Posted by on Jul 2, 2014 in News

Main-man Patrick Mameli has announced that he’s taking a break from Pestilence to begin work on a new death jazz fusion project (featuring all new and original members) under the title NECROMORPH! Mameli hints with strong excitement towards his experimentations into “death jazz fusion”, by opting to put down the eight-string and get reacquainted with his six-string Steinberger once more.

Not dissimilar to the jazz fusion elements found on “Spheres”, but combined with the modern Pestilence riffing attack, NECROMORPH is set to blast past all expectations and shatter the eardrums of those thinking just another straight forward “jazzy progressive metal” album is on its way; “Again, it’s similar to jazz fusion“, says Mameli, “But these riffs and songs will be more brutal than Pestilence‚Ķbut way different than Pestilence!

Mameli speaks of early ideas regarding Georg Majer on bass, but hasn’t hinted towards filling out the lineup with anyone else as of yet. Stay tuned for more news and pictures to come on the newly-unleashed jazz fusion metal monster that is NECROMORPH!